Devil In Disguise is comprised of two similar and yet two very different identities.  The idea of Devil In Disguise is a two headed coin.  Both sides are equal, but each side a glaring difference.

EzKill, is an angelic figure who comprises the lesser of two evils.  He stands out in any crowd, an unsettling appearance completed with an all white exterior, and blackened eyes.  Some say he is cast from the heavens, others say he is merely a martyr, disobeying, and making a statement to society.

Flip the coin over…

D-Evil, a darkened, masked image appearing as someone who has walked through Hell emblazoned with red and covered in blackness.  A stare into his eyes, you see the troubling past of a million souls.  He is a mysterious being, living among the people of the world, spreading fear, and embodying sin.

Whence EzKill and D-Evil joined to form Devil In Disguise, they began spreading their ideas through musically intertwining their thoughts and beliefs.  Without the good, there is no bad, without bad, there is nothing.  The darkness meets the light, and the light becomes a little dimmer. This is Devil In Disguise.

Which side are you?

The Band:

Matt: Vocals/Keyboard

Cameron: Vocals/Guitar

Andrew: Guitar

Mike: Bass

Nick: Drums


Note: In the next few weeks we will have more information about each of us